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"From hustle and bustle to peace" A 4 day Yoga Nidra Relax Infusion

"From hustle and bustle to peace" A 4 day Yoga Nidra Relax Infusion

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Do you long for relaxation?

More peace and space in your busy daily life?
Are you in need of more moments for yourself?

Create ownership over your life and learn to build in regular moments of rest for yourself. Stand up for your own needs and longings.

Press the pause button and catch your breath with this 4-day yoga nidra relax infusion.

Turn inward, set a positive intention, relax deeply, recharge and come to new insights.

The sessions are based on Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation form done lying down with your eyes closed. All you have to do is lie down and listen. One Yoga Nidra session is equivalent to ~3 hours of sleep.

The systematic methodology of Yoga Nidra induces mental, emotional and physical relaxation.

Yoga Nidra is suitable for everyone, especially for you looking for deep relaxation in your busy life.

After the audio relaxation infusion you will:

♡ Feel super relaxed

♡ Experience less stress

♡ More space and peace

♡ Be able to see things more clearly again

♡ Feel more in touch with yourself

♡ More in control

♡ Go into your days full of new energy

♡ Reclaim ownership of your days

♡ Experience more creativity


Put yourself at #1

♡ Create daily moments of rest, relax deeply and recharge with this audio relaxa infusion.

♡ Create ownership over your life.

♡ Create regular self-care moments.

The 4-day audio relaxation infusion is made up of:

- An email each day with explanations and access to the day's audio.

- Yoga Nidra explanation

- Sankalpa explanation (personal intention)

- Four, building in length, Yoga Nidra depth relaxation meditations

After the 4-day course you will have unlimited access to the Yoga Nidra audios, so that you can continue practicing at home. This way you can very easily extend your 4-day relaxation infusion to a lifetime. You can use all the information and audios again and again to create infinite moments of deep rest and relaxation for yourself.

NOTE: In order to participate in the 4-day and receive the audios in your mailbox, you must leave the checkmark at check-out at: "Make sure this is checked, otherwise you will not be able to receive our digital products".

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